Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mount Qingyuan

Mount Qingyuan is a national park in Fujian, People's Republic of China, located about 3 km from Quanzhou city. It consists of three scenic spots. They are Mount Qingyuan, Mount Ling and Mount Jiuri. The total area covered is 62 km2. It is 615 metres above sea level.


Mount Qingyuan has been famous since the Tang dynasty. The earliest mention of Mount Qingyuan dates back 221-207 B.C.E. Rapid development of Mount Qingyuan began in 618-1279 A.D. and reached its peak during 1297 to 1911.

The centuries of development on Mount Qingyuan has imprinted various important historical and cultural artifacts. Such examples include nine huge Taoist and Buddhist stone sculptures, 600 stone inscriptions and 3 granite stones. The site also contain the shrine of Master Honyi.

There is also the "Four Superlatives' which includes the stone statue of Laozi from the , the stone statues of for Three Lives, the holy Islamic tombs and the pray for wind stone inscriptions.

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